Songs of May

Hello dear ones,

I hope you had a fabulous month of may so far.

I hope it has welcomed you with open arms, new song and hope.

A little update from my side:

I played my first songslam ever! A very short-notice opportunity I took a hold on and it was so worth it! 

I got into the finale with some other great musicians and won second place. I´m still stoked about it.

In combination to hitting the stage I got a free photoshooting – after all, I´m behind the camera more often than in front, this was another unexpected gift.

So where else to take photos than in the woods – my second favourite place to venture (ocean being first).

Upcoming concert in June

The idea was to get a hand full of great photos to use as material for flyer and poster. Oh and they turned out to be better than I expected. Since last week some friends and I started putting them up on the streets…taking „poster walks“ and using every (appropriate) opportunity to put my face on display, which took a little get used to.


But for now the streets of Berlin will be my stage. I officially started my busking season at the brink of may and played unplugged at an underground station for the first time. Trying new things to keep up the excitement. Stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook so we might get a chance to see each other out there.

There are some gigs coming up where I´d love to see you:

May 29th  – @ Schaunwama Künstlerbühne (Click here to get more info)

June 15th – Support Act for Through Colours at „Kulturgarage Werder“

June 21st – Féte de la musique

June 29th – BELLEIEVER in concert (support: Through Colours) (Click here to let me know you´re coming)


Full of excitement and hoping to see you at one or the other event.

Much love


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