Hello and WOW!

Hello and WOW!

It´s been 10 months since I last wrote you.

I’m picking up the thread where I left it

but let me fill you in – in a nutshell – what has kept me away for so long.

This is where I left

You may remember that I was pregnant while I was recording my album in fall last year, following my debut solo concert in June at Friedenskirche in Berlin.
I wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered every song by myself (and a little help from my friend Elli on 2 tracks). I was super excited to have had that experience and grow in that area.
„Geography of my heart“ was published on 26/11/2018 and I was super happy to have finished it on time.

Then the Christmas season and last weeks of pregnancy kicked in and I was mostly off screen and doing whatever I felt I needed to do (which may have involved chocolate and taking things easy). Which was seamlessly followed by welcoming our son, Theodor, into this world on 25/01/2019 and taking our first steps in this new land called „parenthood“.

Fast forward – 8 months really go by fast with a baby!

A few weeks ago: Friends asked me to sing at their wedding. Which made me finish a song I started a few months ago and write a new one. I felt that ready & eager to make more music again.

This is where I pick up the thread

With this said: I’m in the process of finding opportunities to sing in 2020.


I´ll pick up the thread of telling stories „behind the song“ where I´ll share some personal thoughts on how/why a song was written.

I think that was nutshell-y enough. Do you have any more questions? If so, fire away. I’m only an e-mail away 🙂

I´ll keep you posted once I picked a song for „behind the story“.
If you have a song, you want to know the meaning of but can’t wait for me to finally write about it – let me know. You can listen to my album on streaming platforms like Spotify or order a physical copy here.

Looking forward to sharing more stories.

Much Love,

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