Easter is around the corner

Hello there!

Easter is around the corner…although it´s been quite frosty the bushes near my home can´t stop sprouting and I always get lost at looking at those green buds coming from a seemingly lifeless branch…the same one that looked grey and pale just a few weeks ago.

I guess that´s me somehow…a couple of weeks ago I was pale and my need for sleep was tremendous and equal to the hours the sun was shining a day…less sun = more sleep.

Now, fortunately, the clouds are bidding their farewell and the sun shows her face more often – YAY! less sleep, more time to craft and be creative.

Okay, okay..I wasn´t hibernating, I was just calmly working away on things.

Like this upcoming event right on Easter Sunday!

April 1! (not the Fool´s Day kind of joke)

I was invited to lead the service musically for the first time

AND will sprinkle it with a couple of my own songs.


Come by, celebrate Easter and let´s have a chai afterwards 🙂

See you there!




Upcoming events:

14/4   Living Room Concert #2

21/06 Féte de la musique

29/06 FULL CONCERT – Belleiever

11/08 Wortklänge Open Air

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