Easter is around the corner

Hello there!

Easter is around the corner…although it´s been quite frosty the bushes near my home can´t stop sprouting and I always get lost at looking at those green buds coming from a seemingly lifeless branch…the same one that looked grey and pale just a few weeks ago.

I guess that´s me somehow…a couple of weeks ago I was pale and my need for sleep was tremendous and equal to the hours the sun was shining a day…less sun = more sleep.

Now, fortunately, the clouds are bidding their farewell and the sun shows her face more often – YAY! less sleep, more time to craft and be creative.

Okay, okay..I wasn´t hibernating, I was just calmly working away on things.

Like this upcoming event right on Easter Sunday!

April 1! (not the Fool´s Day kind of joke)

I was invited to lead the service musically for the first time

AND will sprinkle it with a couple of my own songs.


Come by, celebrate Easter and let´s have a chai afterwards 🙂

See you there!




Upcoming events:

14/4   Living Room Concert #2

21/06 Féte de la musique

29/06 FULL CONCERT – Belleiever

11/08 Wortklänge Open Air

Hello, hello

Hello, hello!

2 months in to 2018 and still fired up.

Although I literally lost my voice over night in january and had five days of prescribed muteness it couldn´t break my enthusiasm.

I´m looking out for places and opportunities to play, like open stages/mics. Also do I try to figure out a way to transport my wireless amp to get my busking started once days get warmer around here.

Still the concert premiere in June is the HIGHLIGHT I´m heading towards to. Warming up with living room concerts 😉

Here are some pictures of my very first hosted living room concert two weeks ago which left me with a strong urge to host more of them – mark your calendars. There´s a new one coming up on 14/04! 🙂

Some personal words to begin with…

For those who want to reminisce – check out those pics. For those who wonder, if it´s something they should Click here to watch a video of the evening and come by next time.

Through Colours (Lea&Frances) + Elli supporting me w/ shaker&cajon



Singing solo

You can always get in touch with me via mail (info@belleiever.com) for more info or other questions and remarks 🙂

About the “Living Room Concert”:

The rules are quite simple:

  • It is for free!
  • There are 15 seats +/- (depending on the venue)
  • First come, first serve – send me a pm on facebook or mail.  > You NEED to register in order to get the venue´s address.
  • Everyone brings a drink&snack.

Please bring some coins for the artists (the amount gets equally shared) to show some love.

The upcoming concert can turn into an open air concert (weather permitting), so get registered swiftly. There will be a waiting list which potentially turns into the guest list, if the concert goes open-air. By registering you´ll get the venue´s address, so don´t hesitate to shot me a message 🙂

See you around!




Next gig at Luisenkirche

Hey dears,

I hope life is well for you.
Mine is just great!
Besides of a tiny cold that keeps me from extended singing I am very excited
to get songs together for my musical guest appearance in the service of
„Luisenkirche“ in Berlin – Charlottenburg.

A little bit of background for you:
Most of you know that I always loved to sing but it was in church where I could
play with my talent, where I was put in situations to grow. Many of them were positive
challenges and I can confirm a wise saying that „without challenge there is no growth“.
I grew a lot back then.
I played the drums in the music team and before I went to travel Australia and NZ I lead
people in singing songs to God and His glory.
So I know that part of the stage.

Singing my own songs is somewhat different, they are another route of my heart.
I wrote them, they tell some of my or other people´s stories or
display the thoughts I weighed at one time or another in my life.
Both approaches of music show a huge piece of my heart and to connect them is
just mind-blowing for me. I feel really thankful to have that opportunity.

The title of the service is:

„But if you forget about yourself and look to me, you’ll find both yourself and me.“

(Matt 10:39, MSG)

I believe in this because I´ve experienced it.

I wouldn´t be here, singing in public, if I looked at my own limitations, fears, failures – but when I looked at the promise for my life, a love shown by Jesus that He has the best in mind for me I found life in abundance and the courage to live up to what He has put in my heart to pursue.

He is the reason I sing.

Much Love



I´m alive

Hey dear ones,

I hope you had a great year so far.

Apologies for my late post and update. I was off screen for a while.

The past months were spent planing a great event in my life – my wedding.

Which was thoroughly & extensively celebrated and stuffed me with new impressions.

I missed music time though so first thing I decided was

> to have a musical picnic, july 22.

It´s in 6 days time only!

I´d love to see you there.

Get in touch, if you have questions


Castle on the hill & busking plans

Phew, this year caught me by surprise.

I know it´ll be grande but I didn´t plan nor expect to have 2 videos out by now.

My second cover song of the year is Ed Sheehan´s „Castle on the hill“

Check it out:

Click here to watch „Castle on the hill“

I am getting ready to start the busking season –

temperatures rise and I can hardly hold myself back.

I want to add an original tune or two and am fine tuning them.

Watch out on Facebook and instagram for date&time.


There´s a gig in the making for the end of april.

Stay in touch to be the first to know details 🙂

Stay blessed



Hello 2017!

Hey lovely ones

this is a late one but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope you had a great start of this new year and plans to make it beautiful.

I´ve spent my NYE with my family and used the first days of the year to prep for the upcoming months – it´s a huge year ahead for me personally as well as musically-speaking, many seeds are sown and start to grow roots
– I let them grow patiently and share the process with you.

My musical goals for this year consist mainly of busking, busking, busking.

Adding new and original songs to the set list and starting off earlier this year – weather permitting in spring. YAY!

I already had the utmost pleasure to play a gig last weekend, my first booked appearance 2017! – which was heaps of fun. Grabbing those opportunities along the way will be a delight.

There are a few musical picnics to have on my mind as well.


I´ve been taking my camera along on more walks lately so there´s something picturesque coming your way as well 😉

It´s going to be a swell year.

I hope to see you at some of the events!

I can´t wait to share dates .

Much love




Ringing in december

Hey dear ones,

it´s december and the first advent rang in the last 4 weeks until christmas eve.

It´s super exciting – what a wonderful season and event to celebrate 🙂

I can´t help but start humming christmassy songs and because I like sharing the spirit I recorded „Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer“. It was so much fun recording – I just needed to add a video haha

Click here to watch the video or go to „video“ section 🙂

Have a look and slide or swim (whatever hemisphere you live in) well through these wonderful weeks leading to christmas.



Upcoming photo series

Dear ones, you have noticed that music is my number one passion.


In the past couple of years I´ve also developed a passion for photography

especially while traveling but also for everyday details that caught my eye.

Now I will share a bunch of my photographs, quotes I found, that inspired or helped me on my journey with a little story what it means to me.

I will post regularly for the next weeks on facebook and share some stories here in my blog. Keep an eye out and let me know your story 🙂

Belleiever x