#behindthesong Ripples

Hello again!

Spring has sprung (meteorologically) and here comes another song that just catches the mood 🙂

Click here to watch „Ripples“

This song came to me when I just bought my ukulele and I strummed along, trying to find a melody while I learned some chords.

Seen in that context it seems quite natural that it would turn into a song about “how I write a song”. I didn´t have a theme in mind though when I played around with the chords, humming along. Rather I tried to follow the mood I got into and, well, ukulele songs are rarely melodramatic so this turned out to be an off beat song. 

While playing I was closing my eyes and saw myself on a water edge. I think just a little while before that I visited a friend who lives near the water and there was a jetty I would sit on and watch the waves, having my feet dangle just a few centimetres above the water. I got lost in the waves, their reflection, the sun and the feeling of being only a wee bit away from jumping into the water. 

Ripples on the surface

With my feet hanging over the edge

The timber´s warm beneath me

I got blank pages on my lap

This scenario, of having a view just at the waterside, is my ideal setting for writing. Not necessarily songs but also my diary, thoughts, questions and listening for answers. Writing in most of its forms has been my catalyst from as long ago as I can remember, to process what´s going on around and inside of me.

Outgrowing my skin

Has become a close kin

I´m not shaken by surprise

Like I was the first half dozen times

I remember writing a song in primary school about a little boy looking “for his king”. I guess it was more of a sung story as I didn´t play any instrument back then to follow a certain melody or song structure. Looking back I was definitely processing something I observed or that moved me.

As time went on and I grew older I was processing thoughts, observations etc more analytical, next to writing songs. I always searched for a solution, something to improve the given situation or at least understand it from every given angle I could imagine so I could take my place in the setting – or move away from it.

It has always been a tremendous source of relief for me to sit, write, think, practice empathy and, sometimes quite literally, feel how I´m growing while writing or finish something off by the click of my fountain pen´s lid.

I grow pale before I crack

the blood runs red

I know this routine quite well

I get back to the edge

take my sewing pen and pad

healed by the stitch and swell.

Now I´ve learned to read myself. I know the “I grow pale”-feeling – when something is going on in my head or around me that needs processing. Instantly. Or with time to accumulate. Like time would add different layers to complete the picture I could disect later on.

I find it quite fascinating as it feels like I´m observing myself at times.

Nothing I can really explain.

I just know that all that´ll help is a (sewing) pen and pad

to stitch up the lose fabric.

To help me feel whole again.

Maybe listening to it again will make it sound different than before you knew the story behind?

What is your catalyst to process you experiences? I´d love to read your story.

My next gig is on 05.April at Luisenkirche. I´ll contribute some songs during the monthly “Rockmesse” and I consider bringing „Ripples“. If you´re around that day and would definitely like me to put it on my setlist, shot me an e-mail 🙂




As aways feel free to listen to my whole album on spotify, iTunes and all other streaming services. Or buy a physical copy on my website – just visit the store 🙂

Behind the song #3

Hello and welcome to
a new edition of „behind the song“.Today I´ll introduce you to a german song I wrote called
„Fliegen“ („Fly“).
It´s not my first german song – but the first one in a very long time.
When I was a young girl I started to write in german
but by the gaining influence of english music
in my life back then this soon became my „heart language“.
It seems, though, german was just the right language for this song.
(A rough english translation can be found at the bottom.)This song contains a lot of images of moments & emotions I´ve experienced
when getting to know my then-future / now husband.
We started of long-distance and this song spilled out on my writing pad
when I sat on another hour-long train ride back to Berlin.
Feeling utterly happy & sad at the same time, trying to grasp what we just had
those past few days and stuff it into words that seemed
way to small to fit all the emotions I felt.
How to put all these feelings in one song?
Like in every love story there are crucial moments that define the direction,
the depth, the meaning of this budding relationship before it “takes off”.
Moments that create a foundation, much like a spaceship being set up on a launching ramp –
before its been sent into orbit.
In hindsight, personally, this song probably was the moment all the pieces
of the past months came together and became as clear as day to me
– to stick to astronomic terms “a supernova”.
Also, I believe that different people can give you this feeling of
wanting to spread your wings and fly, arriving home or being
outer space or simply being present in the moment or
illuminate a path in front of you that was not as clear before.
Family, friends, random people you talk to, who just have
that way to touch your soul and speak into your life
and will always be connected to how a certain situation
may has changed, shifted, was solved.So this song holds so much more than the initital story.
May it be a soundtrack to one or another situation
in your life.I´d be happy to read from you,
if you´d like to share your story.

Much love


Click here to watch „Fliegen“ (live)

By the way:
This song is also on my album, which you can get online or stream on spotify, ITunes
and other streaming services (Deezer, Napster etc.).

Sketchy Translation

I absorb you – make you a part of me

and I won´t stop till your heartbeat becomes mine

We create our own universe with galaxies

with the sheer power of our words we speak it into being

And we´re living within – create it to our liking

without theory of origin as we´ve been there all along

when our separate worlds mingled to become one

Now we´re flying, flying, flying out of space

And we´re forging, forging our spaceship with trust and common sense

Our shadows melt together – I don´t know where I end, where you begin

Our faces cover the inside of my head and all my senses

I would have never thought, that this could happen to me

that what you have thought would resonate as deeply

when our eyes search the distance and our skins share their heat

Now we´re flying, flying

Hello and WOW!

Hello and WOW!

It´s been 10 months since I last wrote you.

I’m picking up the thread where I left it

but let me fill you in – in a nutshell – what has kept me away for so long.

This is where I left

You may remember that I was pregnant while I was recording my album in fall last year, following my debut solo concert in June at Friedenskirche in Berlin.
I wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered every song by myself (and a little help from my friend Elli on 2 tracks). I was super excited to have had that experience and grow in that area.
„Geography of my heart“ was published on 26/11/2018 and I was super happy to have finished it on time.

Then the Christmas season and last weeks of pregnancy kicked in and I was mostly off screen and doing whatever I felt I needed to do (which may have involved chocolate and taking things easy). Which was seamlessly followed by welcoming our son, Theodor, into this world on 25/01/2019 and taking our first steps in this new land called „parenthood“.

Fast forward – 8 months really go by fast with a baby!

A few weeks ago: Friends asked me to sing at their wedding. Which made me finish a song I started a few months ago and write a new one. I felt that ready & eager to make more music again.

This is where I pick up the thread

With this said: I’m in the process of finding opportunities to sing in 2020.


I´ll pick up the thread of telling stories „behind the song“ where I´ll share some personal thoughts on how/why a song was written.

I think that was nutshell-y enough. Do you have any more questions? If so, fire away. I’m only an e-mail away 🙂

I´ll keep you posted once I picked a song for „behind the story“.
If you have a song, you want to know the meaning of but can’t wait for me to finally write about it – let me know. You can listen to my album on streaming platforms like Spotify or order a physical copy here.

Looking forward to sharing more stories.

Much Love,

Find my music & follow me on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, instagram.

In the swing of CD production

Hello dear one,

the past weeks have been filled with final adjustments to the songs, getting new input on how to master them to help them sound the way I want. After all I´m an autodidact in the matter of mixing and always excited to learn something new to improve the listening experience.

I´ve also been working on the lay-out, cutting booklets to size, printing the CDs and also delaying the process of finishing this CD´s tracklist … as much as I look forward to sharing the songs, there seem to be so many more I´d like to work on and add. But I realise, this CD, these songs, have played a certain part on my journey so far – and the next songs will be part of my following season.

cutting booklets to size

printing CDs

the CD case from the inside – the outside is yet to be finished

I´m super happy to share the progress with you. The CD will soon be released – there´s a newsletter going out soon to let you know the date. If you´re keen to have a CD, feel free to pre-order in the „store“ or just reply to this e-mail.

Each CD will be made by me, will have my fingerprints & soul all over and I love the idea that I can give you something so personal.

On a more personal note: We are doing very fine. The little belly dweller is making sure that we know about his existence by kicking and moving around. In about 10 weeks he´ll have his big entrance into this world and we are super excited. We´re having a few major shifts and changes coming up in the next weeks and months – enough material to ponder and write about, I reckon.

Feel free to mail me, if you´re up for more info.

Sending much love



PS: International pre-orders are welcome. Just check the „store“ section for prices & shipping fee.

Story „behind the song“ #2

Hello dear music friend,

it´s time for a new live video from my last concert.

As with every upcoming song, I´m sharing my story with this song.

As this is no original song of mine I´m sharing a few memories of why I feel connected to the song and why I added this song to the setlist of my concert.

„The Rose“ became famous by Bette Middler singing it.

I stumbled across it in my teenage years. I can´t say how exactly, I just know that it stuck with me for years, it would come up in intervals and I´d find myself humming or singing it to a friend, who also loved the song.

In hindsight I wonder if it had to do with the topic of „love“ and me digging to find out what it is about – what is „love“, this complex phenomenon that everyone would talk and sing about but was so difficult to grasp with my mind.

I´ve always been drawn to songs that try to find answers, songs that question and then rejoice in uplifting resolutions.

The song contains a lot of „what is love“-questions, hear-say knowledge and that one, not „some“, has the courage to speak a tender force into the phenomenon. Yes, love can drown, it can hurt, it can feel insatiable and only leave you wanting for more. But that´s not all there is. There is a tender pushing, slowly growing, self-determined side to it – and it is not on you to only accept it and let it happen to you but it is actually in seed-form inside of you and you can nurture it to grow.

„Some say love, it is a river, that drowns the tender reed
Some say love, it is a razor, that leaves your soul to bleed
Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need
I say love, it is a flower, and you, its only seed.“

There´s the theme of „fear“ – fear of failure, fear of rejection, the fear to not live up to others or own expectations, the fear of thinking „my dream is not important enough“ and playing it safe instead of stepping out, be vulnerable, fail and eventually rise & shine. Fear in all its shapes and forms will shrink the capacity of your soul to go out and go for it. It´ll slowly kill you. Unless you break free.

„It’s the heart afraid of breaking, that never learns to dance
It’s the dream afraid of waking, that never takes the chance
It’s the one who won’t be taking, who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying, that never learns to live.“

Hearing about the brutal force of love (like in verse 1), the discouragment that comes by fear (verse 2) will make one feel abandoned, lacking trust in other people, some people withdraw because they´re afraid to get hurt others superficially connect up to a certain point where they feel safe but leave layers of themselves hidden from even their closest friends. For some people this is a season they will walk through. For some people this is the story of their life. There´s an emotional winter.

And I love that at the end of the song – amongst all „some say“ and pointing out your fears – there is ONE person speaking truth. „Yes, this might be a hard time right now but there is something strong within you, that will come to bloom. Just stay on your path, keep walking, hold on. It´ll be alright.“

„When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long
And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed, that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes the rose.“

Now this turned out to be more of an analysis of this song. Maybe you agree, maybe you disagree. The power of a song lies within the possibilities to interpret it under different lights. What is your light? Would you agree to my point of view?

Well, I´d love to read from you.

To connect it to the concert though:
I can´t fully explain though, why this specific song came up during my preparation for the concert. Especially as this is a particularly bright season of my life. Maybe I´ll see more clearly in hindsight or maybe what I can see from where I stand now is, that it is like a closure. I was afraid in the past to live up to my dreams and the past years I´ve dared myself times and times but especially this year has held some crucial steps in following my dream, including the concert. The song has wrapped up the process that I couldn´t put into words before. The concert was the right framework to work it into.

ow I didn´t expect that this would come out when I started this letter – but it´s quite a story, hey.

What´s your story? I´m eager to read from you.

Stay blessed

Behind the EP-making-scenes

Hello dear one!

I´m so super excited to share my progress in the EP making that I need to make this a stand-alone info- aka excitement-mail 🙂

Just this week I am about to finish my aimed-for 5 songs for my latest EP only to find out that I can´t stop so I will add one or two more songs. And I decided to add a bit of live material from my concert, which turns this EP into a proper album. Who would have thought?!

The artwork by a friend is confirmed. I like sketches and things that don´t look too polished as I see music and this life as something „in the making“. I decided to not outsource too many tasks…but I´m already getting ahead of myself.


There are new features all over the place! I aim to personalise the latest „EP“ as much as possible.

  • The artwork is done by a friend
  • I´ll have a booklet with lyrics for the first time and I´ll make it myself (talking about hands-on!)
  • The songs will be published on Spotify (and other platforms) but I always like to hold a CD in my hands, so this is a two-way-option for you
  • You´ll find songs like „Run Free“ and „Hole in my head“ on the EP, as some of the most favourite songs, just like „Ripples“ and „Fliegen“ who´ve been highly demanded after the concert plus a few more 😉
  • I wanted to keep the songs‘ soul and therefore added a few instruments in the recording process but kept the sound of an acoustic/living room setting.

I´ll keep you in the loop about the release date (which should be latest by the end of november this year), the final tracklist and look of the new disc.

Make sure to follow me on instagram for more images of the progress.

See you there



Story „behind the song“ #1


Hey dear ones,

with every new live video I´ll give you a little background to the original songs I´ve uploaded to YouTube (and will continue) in and during those next months.

If you like to put your own interpretation to songs, don´t read this.

If you like to know the interpretation/story of my songs, keep on reading.

How does a song come to life?

Some songs have become an analysis of myself in hindsight,

others were written because of a certain topic I had in mind

and others have been triggered by a conversation.

Which makes them all kind of biographical.

Let´s start off with one of my personal favorites

due to the memories it evokes:


This is an aussie-inspired tune. I´ve done quite some traveling in Oz in 2013/2014 but not every journey has been marked by a song. My trip to the Outback was. It was one of those trips where you hop on a van with like-minded people and take the invitation of the driver to sit on the passenger seat.

Feet up on the glove department and my writing pad on my thighs I let the atmosphere of what I´ve learned about the aboriginal people, the vast horizon with all the red sand, walking around Uluru, letting the atmosphere of the place sink in, climbing Kata Tjuta, crossing dry riverbeds, see the scarce flora, red rocks, sleeping in a swag under a clear sky (checking it for snakes before climbing in) and sitting at bonfires roll over me.

I´ve never felt lighter than in those days cut off from civilisation. See the sun rise. Taking my shoes of at the salt lake and letting my naked feet sink in the red grains of sand while overlooking the “white” dried out horizon…

I had to process it and so I did while sitting in the passenger seat of the van, that was rattling along on the bitumen road, writing…

Back in Berlin I made friends with Elli and we worked together on some songs.

I´m happy to have her play the „heartbeat of the earth“ during the song.

I hope you enjoyed the story.

Stay tuned for the next video & story


Much Love




Concert impressions

As promised in my newsletter here are a few more impressions of the concert – and even more to come later on.

Through Colours warmed the audience up musically with guitar and harmonies.

I brought a bunch of yet unplayed songs – many, many had their premiere in front of an audience or were just finished& polished for that very evening. It was the first time I added an electronic kick bass to my set, a ukulele was strummed and I introduced you to some songs played on the piano. It was a wonderful evening in so many new ways for the audience and for me. An absolute blast.

Thank you for all the great feedback!

I do like magnets – so why not share with you what I like. They came in 4 different colors – red, yellow, green and blue 🙂

I premiered in playing the keys on stage.

Yea, well, my favourite picture to catch my overall emotions of the evening – all smiles 🙂

The music crew from right to left: Lea&Frances (Through Colours) – me – Elli who accompanied me on keys and cajon and is a musical companion of mine for a while already. Precious souls.

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Countdown – 7, 6, 5, …

Hello friend,

oh how exciting it is to count down the last 7 days to my first full concert.

I´m in the process of finishing and polishing songs as I´ll bring a couple

of new songs, that have waited for their chance to be played for a

long time and I am eager to sing them to you and hope you´ll like them.

On another note:

Just one week ago I was „Through Colours´“- Support at their concert in

Werder – click here for a throwback.

One week from now Through Colours will support me at Friedenskirche in


I´m very much looking forward to seeing you there.

Spread the word,

bring a friend,

have fun!




Songs of May

Hello dear ones,

I hope you had a fabulous month of may so far.

I hope it has welcomed you with open arms, new song and hope.

A little update from my side:

I played my first songslam ever! A very short-notice opportunity I took a hold on and it was so worth it! 

I got into the finale with some other great musicians and won second place. I´m still stoked about it.

In combination to hitting the stage I got a free photoshooting – after all, I´m behind the camera more often than in front, this was another unexpected gift.

So where else to take photos than in the woods – my second favourite place to venture (ocean being first).

Upcoming concert in June

The idea was to get a hand full of great photos to use as material for flyer and poster. Oh and they turned out to be better than I expected. Since last week some friends and I started putting them up on the streets…taking „poster walks“ and using every (appropriate) opportunity to put my face on display, which took a little get used to.


But for now the streets of Berlin will be my stage. I officially started my busking season at the brink of may and played unplugged at an underground station for the first time. Trying new things to keep up the excitement. Stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook so we might get a chance to see each other out there.

There are some gigs coming up where I´d love to see you:

May 29th  – @ Schaunwama Künstlerbühne (Click here to get more info)

June 15th – Support Act for Through Colours at „Kulturgarage Werder“

June 21st – Féte de la musique

June 29th – BELLEIEVER in concert (support: Through Colours) (Click here to let me know you´re coming)


Full of excitement and hoping to see you at one or the other event.

Much love