Behind the EP-making-scenes

Hello dear one!

I´m so super excited to share my progress in the EP making that I need to make this a stand-alone info- aka excitement-mail 🙂

Just this week I am about to finish my aimed-for 5 songs for my latest EP only to find out that I can´t stop so I will add one or two more songs. And I decided to add a bit of live material from my concert, which turns this EP into a proper album. Who would have thought?!

The artwork by a friend is confirmed. I like sketches and things that don´t look too polished as I see music and this life as something „in the making“. I decided to not outsource too many tasks…but I´m already getting ahead of myself.


There are new features all over the place! I aim to personalise the latest „EP“ as much as possible.

  • The artwork is done by a friend
  • I´ll have a booklet with lyrics for the first time and I´ll make it myself (talking about hands-on!)
  • The songs will be published on Spotify (and other platforms) but I always like to hold a CD in my hands, so this is a two-way-option for you
  • You´ll find songs like „Run Free“ and „Hole in my head“ on the EP, as some of the most favourite songs, just like „Ripples“ and „Fliegen“ who´ve been highly demanded after the concert plus a few more 😉
  • I wanted to keep the songs‘ soul and therefore added a few instruments in the recording process but kept the sound of an acoustic/living room setting.

I´ll keep you in the loop about the release date (which should be latest by the end of november this year), the final tracklist and look of the new disc.

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See you there



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