#behindthesong Ripples

Hello again!

Spring has sprung (meteorologically) and here comes another song that just catches the mood 🙂

Click here to watch „Ripples“

This song came to me when I just bought my ukulele and I strummed along, trying to find a melody while I learned some chords.

Seen in that context it seems quite natural that it would turn into a song about “how I write a song”. I didn´t have a theme in mind though when I played around with the chords, humming along. Rather I tried to follow the mood I got into and, well, ukulele songs are rarely melodramatic so this turned out to be an off beat song. 

While playing I was closing my eyes and saw myself on a water edge. I think just a little while before that I visited a friend who lives near the water and there was a jetty I would sit on and watch the waves, having my feet dangle just a few centimetres above the water. I got lost in the waves, their reflection, the sun and the feeling of being only a wee bit away from jumping into the water. 

Ripples on the surface

With my feet hanging over the edge

The timber´s warm beneath me

I got blank pages on my lap

This scenario, of having a view just at the waterside, is my ideal setting for writing. Not necessarily songs but also my diary, thoughts, questions and listening for answers. Writing in most of its forms has been my catalyst from as long ago as I can remember, to process what´s going on around and inside of me.

Outgrowing my skin

Has become a close kin

I´m not shaken by surprise

Like I was the first half dozen times

I remember writing a song in primary school about a little boy looking “for his king”. I guess it was more of a sung story as I didn´t play any instrument back then to follow a certain melody or song structure. Looking back I was definitely processing something I observed or that moved me.

As time went on and I grew older I was processing thoughts, observations etc more analytical, next to writing songs. I always searched for a solution, something to improve the given situation or at least understand it from every given angle I could imagine so I could take my place in the setting – or move away from it.

It has always been a tremendous source of relief for me to sit, write, think, practice empathy and, sometimes quite literally, feel how I´m growing while writing or finish something off by the click of my fountain pen´s lid.

I grow pale before I crack

the blood runs red

I know this routine quite well

I get back to the edge

take my sewing pen and pad

healed by the stitch and swell.

Now I´ve learned to read myself. I know the “I grow pale”-feeling – when something is going on in my head or around me that needs processing. Instantly. Or with time to accumulate. Like time would add different layers to complete the picture I could disect later on.

I find it quite fascinating as it feels like I´m observing myself at times.

Nothing I can really explain.

I just know that all that´ll help is a (sewing) pen and pad

to stitch up the lose fabric.

To help me feel whole again.

Maybe listening to it again will make it sound different than before you knew the story behind?

What is your catalyst to process you experiences? I´d love to read your story.

My next gig is on 05.April at Luisenkirche. I´ll contribute some songs during the monthly “Rockmesse” and I consider bringing „Ripples“. If you´re around that day and would definitely like me to put it on my setlist, shot me an e-mail 🙂




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