Behind the song #3

Hello and welcome to
a new edition of „behind the song“.Today I´ll introduce you to a german song I wrote called
„Fliegen“ („Fly“).
It´s not my first german song – but the first one in a very long time.
When I was a young girl I started to write in german
but by the gaining influence of english music
in my life back then this soon became my „heart language“.
It seems, though, german was just the right language for this song.
(A rough english translation can be found at the bottom.)This song contains a lot of images of moments & emotions I´ve experienced
when getting to know my then-future / now husband.
We started of long-distance and this song spilled out on my writing pad
when I sat on another hour-long train ride back to Berlin.
Feeling utterly happy & sad at the same time, trying to grasp what we just had
those past few days and stuff it into words that seemed
way to small to fit all the emotions I felt.
How to put all these feelings in one song?
Like in every love story there are crucial moments that define the direction,
the depth, the meaning of this budding relationship before it “takes off”.
Moments that create a foundation, much like a spaceship being set up on a launching ramp –
before its been sent into orbit.
In hindsight, personally, this song probably was the moment all the pieces
of the past months came together and became as clear as day to me
– to stick to astronomic terms “a supernova”.
Also, I believe that different people can give you this feeling of
wanting to spread your wings and fly, arriving home or being
outer space or simply being present in the moment or
illuminate a path in front of you that was not as clear before.
Family, friends, random people you talk to, who just have
that way to touch your soul and speak into your life
and will always be connected to how a certain situation
may has changed, shifted, was solved.So this song holds so much more than the initital story.
May it be a soundtrack to one or another situation
in your life.I´d be happy to read from you,
if you´d like to share your story.

Much love


Click here to watch „Fliegen“ (live)

By the way:
This song is also on my album, which you can get online or stream on spotify, ITunes
and other streaming services (Deezer, Napster etc.).

Sketchy Translation

I absorb you – make you a part of me

and I won´t stop till your heartbeat becomes mine

We create our own universe with galaxies

with the sheer power of our words we speak it into being

And we´re living within – create it to our liking

without theory of origin as we´ve been there all along

when our separate worlds mingled to become one

Now we´re flying, flying, flying out of space

And we´re forging, forging our spaceship with trust and common sense

Our shadows melt together – I don´t know where I end, where you begin

Our faces cover the inside of my head and all my senses

I would have never thought, that this could happen to me

that what you have thought would resonate as deeply

when our eyes search the distance and our skins share their heat

Now we´re flying, flying