In the swing of CD production

Hello dear one,

the past weeks have been filled with final adjustments to the songs, getting new input on how to master them to help them sound the way I want. After all I´m an autodidact in the matter of mixing and always excited to learn something new to improve the listening experience.

I´ve also been working on the lay-out, cutting booklets to size, printing the CDs and also delaying the process of finishing this CD´s tracklist … as much as I look forward to sharing the songs, there seem to be so many more I´d like to work on and add. But I realise, this CD, these songs, have played a certain part on my journey so far – and the next songs will be part of my following season.

cutting booklets to size

printing CDs

the CD case from the inside – the outside is yet to be finished

I´m super happy to share the progress with you. The CD will soon be released – there´s a newsletter going out soon to let you know the date. If you´re keen to have a CD, feel free to pre-order in the „store“ or just reply to this e-mail.

Each CD will be made by me, will have my fingerprints & soul all over and I love the idea that I can give you something so personal.

On a more personal note: We are doing very fine. The little belly dweller is making sure that we know about his existence by kicking and moving around. In about 10 weeks he´ll have his big entrance into this world and we are super excited. We´re having a few major shifts and changes coming up in the next weeks and months – enough material to ponder and write about, I reckon.

Feel free to mail me, if you´re up for more info.

Sending much love



PS: International pre-orders are welcome. Just check the „store“ section for prices & shipping fee.