Story „behind the song“ #1


Hey dear ones,

with every new live video I´ll give you a little background to the original songs I´ve uploaded to YouTube (and will continue) in and during those next months.

If you like to put your own interpretation to songs, don´t read this.

If you like to know the interpretation/story of my songs, keep on reading.

How does a song come to life?

Some songs have become an analysis of myself in hindsight,

others were written because of a certain topic I had in mind

and others have been triggered by a conversation.

Which makes them all kind of biographical.

Let´s start off with one of my personal favorites

due to the memories it evokes:


This is an aussie-inspired tune. I´ve done quite some traveling in Oz in 2013/2014 but not every journey has been marked by a song. My trip to the Outback was. It was one of those trips where you hop on a van with like-minded people and take the invitation of the driver to sit on the passenger seat.

Feet up on the glove department and my writing pad on my thighs I let the atmosphere of what I´ve learned about the aboriginal people, the vast horizon with all the red sand, walking around Uluru, letting the atmosphere of the place sink in, climbing Kata Tjuta, crossing dry riverbeds, see the scarce flora, red rocks, sleeping in a swag under a clear sky (checking it for snakes before climbing in) and sitting at bonfires roll over me.

I´ve never felt lighter than in those days cut off from civilisation. See the sun rise. Taking my shoes of at the salt lake and letting my naked feet sink in the red grains of sand while overlooking the “white” dried out horizon…

I had to process it and so I did while sitting in the passenger seat of the van, that was rattling along on the bitumen road, writing…

Back in Berlin I made friends with Elli and we worked together on some songs.

I´m happy to have her play the „heartbeat of the earth“ during the song.

I hope you enjoyed the story.

Stay tuned for the next video & story


Much Love