Concert impressions

As promised in my newsletter here are a few more impressions of the concert – and even more to come later on.

Through Colours warmed the audience up musically with guitar and harmonies.

I brought a bunch of yet unplayed songs – many, many had their premiere in front of an audience or were just finished& polished for that very evening. It was the first time I added an electronic kick bass to my set, a ukulele was strummed and I introduced you to some songs played on the piano. It was a wonderful evening in so many new ways for the audience and for me. An absolute blast.

Thank you for all the great feedback!

I do like magnets – so why not share with you what I like. They came in 4 different colors – red, yellow, green and blue 🙂

I premiered in playing the keys on stage.

Yea, well, my favourite picture to catch my overall emotions of the evening – all smiles 🙂

The music crew from right to left: Lea&Frances (Through Colours) – me – Elli who accompanied me on keys and cajon and is a musical companion of mine for a while already. Precious souls.

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