Hello, hello

Hello, hello!

2 months in to 2018 and still fired up.

Although I literally lost my voice over night in january and had five days of prescribed muteness it couldn´t break my enthusiasm.

I´m looking out for places and opportunities to play, like open stages/mics. Also do I try to figure out a way to transport my wireless amp to get my busking started once days get warmer around here.

Still the concert premiere in June is the HIGHLIGHT I´m heading towards to. Warming up with living room concerts 😉

Here are some pictures of my very first hosted living room concert two weeks ago which left me with a strong urge to host more of them – mark your calendars. There´s a new one coming up on 14/04! 🙂

Some personal words to begin with…

For those who want to reminisce – check out those pics. For those who wonder, if it´s something they should Click here to watch a video of the evening and come by next time.

Through Colours (Lea&Frances) + Elli supporting me w/ shaker&cajon



Singing solo

You can always get in touch with me via mail (info@belleiever.com) for more info or other questions and remarks 🙂

About the “Living Room Concert”:

The rules are quite simple:

  • It is for free!
  • There are 15 seats +/- (depending on the venue)
  • First come, first serve – send me a pm on facebook or mail.  > You NEED to register in order to get the venue´s address.
  • Everyone brings a drink&snack.

Please bring some coins for the artists (the amount gets equally shared) to show some love.

The upcoming concert can turn into an open air concert (weather permitting), so get registered swiftly. There will be a waiting list which potentially turns into the guest list, if the concert goes open-air. By registering you´ll get the venue´s address, so don´t hesitate to shot me a message 🙂

See you around!