Next gig at Luisenkirche

Hey dears,

I hope life is well for you.
Mine is just great!
Besides of a tiny cold that keeps me from extended singing I am very excited
to get songs together for my musical guest appearance in the service of
„Luisenkirche“ in Berlin – Charlottenburg.

A little bit of background for you:
Most of you know that I always loved to sing but it was in church where I could
play with my talent, where I was put in situations to grow. Many of them were positive
challenges and I can confirm a wise saying that „without challenge there is no growth“.
I grew a lot back then.
I played the drums in the music team and before I went to travel Australia and NZ I lead
people in singing songs to God and His glory.
So I know that part of the stage.

Singing my own songs is somewhat different, they are another route of my heart.
I wrote them, they tell some of my or other people´s stories or
display the thoughts I weighed at one time or another in my life.
Both approaches of music show a huge piece of my heart and to connect them is
just mind-blowing for me. I feel really thankful to have that opportunity.

The title of the service is:

„But if you forget about yourself and look to me, you’ll find both yourself and me.“

(Matt 10:39, MSG)

I believe in this because I´ve experienced it.

I wouldn´t be here, singing in public, if I looked at my own limitations, fears, failures – but when I looked at the promise for my life, a love shown by Jesus that He has the best in mind for me I found life in abundance and the courage to live up to what He has put in my heart to pursue.

He is the reason I sing.

Much Love