Hello 2017!

Hey lovely ones

this is a late one but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope you had a great start of this new year and plans to make it beautiful.

I´ve spent my NYE with my family and used the first days of the year to prep for the upcoming months – it´s a huge year ahead for me personally as well as musically-speaking, many seeds are sown and start to grow roots
– I let them grow patiently and share the process with you.

My musical goals for this year consist mainly of busking, busking, busking.

Adding new and original songs to the set list and starting off earlier this year – weather permitting in spring. YAY!

I already had the utmost pleasure to play a gig last weekend, my first booked appearance 2017! – which was heaps of fun. Grabbing those opportunities along the way will be a delight.

There are a few musical picnics to have on my mind as well.


I´ve been taking my camera along on more walks lately so there´s something picturesque coming your way as well 😉

It´s going to be a swell year.

I hope to see you at some of the events!

I can´t wait to share dates .

Much love