Hello 2017!

Hey lovely ones

this is a late one but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope you had a great start of this new year and plans to make it beautiful.

I´ve spent my NYE with my family and used the first days of the year to prep for the upcoming months – it´s a huge year ahead for me personally as well as musically-speaking, many seeds are sown and start to grow roots
– I let them grow patiently and share the process with you.

My musical goals for this year consist mainly of busking, busking, busking.

Adding new and original songs to the set list and starting off earlier this year – weather permitting in spring. YAY!

I already had the utmost pleasure to play a gig last weekend, my first booked appearance 2017! – which was heaps of fun. Grabbing those opportunities along the way will be a delight.

There are a few musical picnics to have on my mind as well.


I´ve been taking my camera along on more walks lately so there´s something picturesque coming your way as well 😉

It´s going to be a swell year.

I hope to see you at some of the events!

I can´t wait to share dates .

Much love




Ringing in december

Hey dear ones,

it´s december and the first advent rang in the last 4 weeks until christmas eve.

It´s super exciting – what a wonderful season and event to celebrate 🙂

I can´t help but start humming christmassy songs and because I like sharing the spirit I recorded „Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer“. It was so much fun recording – I just needed to add a video haha

Click here to watch the video or go to „video“ section 🙂

Have a look and slide or swim (whatever hemisphere you live in) well through these wonderful weeks leading to christmas.



Upcoming photo series

Dear ones, you have noticed that music is my number one passion.


In the past couple of years I´ve also developed a passion for photography

especially while traveling but also for everyday details that caught my eye.

Now I will share a bunch of my photographs, quotes I found, that inspired or helped me on my journey with a little story what it means to me.

I will post regularly for the next weeks on facebook and share some stories here in my blog. Keep an eye out and let me know your story 🙂

Belleiever x

Thank you for the music

WOW! I´m still blown away by the response and atmosphere of the first indoor picnic thimg_3725at took place.

what was intended as an afternoon event turned into an hour long music (late night) session with songs covering genres like pop, rock, some classic and worship.



New songs were introduced (thanks to YouTube and projectors), learned and familiar songs strewn into the mix – along with yummy food that kept our energy level up.

What a wonderful time to wrap up this month. Thank you to each and every one who made this picnic so special and unique.

„It was so beautiful (…) such a soul massage“.


Belleiever x

First musical *indoor* picnic

Lovely people, summer is over in Berlin but I loved the response to the musical picnics, so I decided to move it indoors. Next summer is just too far away 😉

On Oct 22 will be the first indoor picnic and I am super excited about it!20160910_125623

There is only limited space so if you think about joining, send me a mail and I can let you know if there´s space left at this picnic or if I should have a second indoor picnic for you 🙂

20160910_163618I wonder what we´ll be up to – talking about meanings of songs, eating yummy food and roaming playlists, writing our own songs…everything is possible 🙂

Looking forward to having you

Belleiever x

Musical picnic review

20160820_172545Summer in Berlin was great – time to look back on our THREE (!) summer musical picnics that took place this year.

20160910_163618Some beautiful souls settled on the plateau of the Drachenberg in july, august and september to enjoy each others company, make and discuss music, enjoy yummy food, chat or simply enjoy the view.

          img_20160707_173101             contactphoto-img_20160709_191013contactphoto-img_20160709_190832

Just because summer is heading towards its final warm days this isn´t the end – I hope to continue to have musical times coming up – stay tuned for details 🙂


Welcome to my homepage!

Wonderful people,

I am so happy to be able and share this step of launching my own webpage with you!

Some of you know the background of that I was dared by a friend to busk as a birthday present and though I caught fire right away I was hesitant. he made me promise to keep doing it.

And I promised.

No crossed fingers.

Click here to watch my first busking appearance that got me started 🙂

Now here I am – this year was off to a beautiful start with practicing and playing on an open stage, having the chance to play at img_2760-version-3„Stadt für eine Nacht“ in Potsdam at the Wortklänge booth and ever since I keep heading out to play on the streets…20160822_121556_

          A homepage was only a matter of time, et voila, here it is. By the help of my awesome brother you can virtually follow me on my journey and check out opportunities to be part in real life and join along with me 🙂

Happiness needs to be shared.

your belleiever